What are Prayer Bubbles?

What are Prayer Bubbles?

Prayer Bubbles are something that we are introducing in our Connect groups here at the Gatehouse Church. They will consists of two to three people who pray together once a week. They will be encouraging one another in their walk with the Lord, sharing Bible verses and being open.

What should we pray about?

  • Learn to pray together.
  • Lord’s Prayer as agenda.
  • Pray about personal needs but also pray about service and reaching out.
  • Remember we have a good Father.

Watch this video excerpt explaining about prayer in groups.


In our small groups called Connect Groups held on Wednesday evenings & Thursday mornings we want to focus on community and looking for ways to serve others, fellow-shipping and encouraging one another, growing in our walk with the Lord, developing Bible reading and prayer in prayer triplets (Prayer Bubbles) as mentioned above.