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You are invited! Join us on Sundays @ 10.30 am at the church in Waterloo Road. It’ll be great to have you join us. If you can’t make it to in-person services then you can watch online. We also have in-person or online events happening during the week that you may want to get involved in.

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Peace In His Presence!

An evening of Praise, Worship & Prayer – Peace In His Presence will be held on 3rd July 6:30pm. At these events we usually have a time of praise and worship with prayer and thanksgiving in between, from anyone who feels led. ALL WELCOME!

God Wants Us To Flex

There is a new season in the church! Are we ready to ENLARGE the place of our tent, stretch our tent curtains wide, not holding back, to LENGTHEN our cords, STRENGTHEN our stakes? God Wants Us To Flex is a new Gatehouse sermon series teaching about the body of Christ moving forward, going further and stepping forward to spread the Good News of the Gospel. Sermon Archive – God Wants Us To Flex

Online Alpha

Our Alpha Course will be once again starting on the 26th April to be held online from 7pm. Full details will be sent to you once you have signed up. Go to Sign Up page

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Welcome! It’s great to have you visit our website. Our Sunday services are at the church or livestreamed online if you want to watch on your device.


There is a new season in the church! Are you ready to ENLARGE the place of your tent, STRETCH your tent curtains wide, no holding back, LENGTHEN your cords, STRENGTHEN your stakes!

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New Sermons

Finding Hope In Uncertain Times

James Glass encourages us to stay connected to each other, to His promise and to His Spirit in order to get through these uncertain times that we find ourselves in.

Investing in the Kingdom – Part 5

In this teaching Neville focuses on the area of finances, namely, tithing of our income, stewardship of our money, investing in the Kingdom and using our financial talents. This is the time to be flexing and reaching out but it will cost us something to do this. The Bible has a lot to say about money and it is a reminder for us and a challenge. It is taking us a step further than we are at this point in…