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Watch our LIVESTREAM on Sundays @ 10.30 am from the church. It’ll be great to have you join us at the church or online!

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Read the Bible with Us – Community reading plan

Join our community reading plans Read, comment or talk it over with other participants as you go through the daily readings. The reading app allows the ability to engage in God’s Word with a group of  friends in the Bible app on a specified reading plan. Fill in the form below to request to be added to our current community reading plan. We will send you a request link in an email which you should click on. This will then set…

Food bags for children – Update

Kay’s update: We have now completed the food bags distribution. The schools and families were so appreciative of all the help. We won’t continue giving food bags to the schools at the moment because we’ve linked them up with Blackpool Food Bank and they will get food supplies from the food bank themselves directly. However, we will continue to keep up our links with the schools.

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Welcome! It’s great to have you visit our website. We meet up with limited numbers. Our Sunday services are at the church or online via our social media channels.

Really Good News!!

I want to know more about becoming a Christian

Start your new life with Christ

You can have real, lasting peace today through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Start your four-step journey now!

New Sermons

Valerie Fraser – Testimony

Valerie Fraser shares her testimony of how God helped her through her life until now. You can sign up for the online Freedom Course that Valerie has written which is being presented at the Gatehouse Church, starting 15th April 2021.

Palm Sunday

We look at the biblical concept of sacrifice, what Jesus’ sacrifice means and what it accomplishes for us.

Stand firm

In moments of difficulty we should stand firm, always ready to move in accordance with God’s call and conduct ourselves according to the truth of the word. If our faith is strong enough we will withstand anything that the enemy throws at us. It will overcome any obstacles, lies and mistruths.

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