Testimonies – Helps/Volunteering

Testimonies – Helps/Volunteering

During this morning’s service we were encouraged to hear from Emma, Liz and Kay who were asked by Neville to tell us a bit about the projects they are involved in here in Blackpool.

Emma has visited us here at the Gatehouse and she is doing her Special Education Needs teacher training here in Blackpool and also volunteers at the Blackpool Food Bank. Her main reason to volunteer was that she is heavily involved in a community of vulnerable young adults and because she is coming more from the teaching side, she wanted to do a bit more for those she’s not able to reach within the SEN frame who may have needs. At the food bank they work with partners so they first fresh check food like bread, vegetables etc. before sending these on to the partners. They also make up food packages for emergency needs for families during the week.

Liz has been involved in volunteering, not only here at the Gatehouse but also at an open air soup kitchen for over 20 years (called the Lord’s Soup Kitchen). She says that there’s never been a day that she didn’t enjoy working there. In addition to serving sandwiches, they also help with things like Christmas presents or bus tickets and transport to the bus station for those who are attending rehab centres. She has grown within herself while she has been there and is now more confident to speak in public. She also says that the Lord has always provided for their needs and they don’t do any fundraising as such.

Kay helps at a local school teaching cookery classes and those attending are very proud of what they are creating. She also recently started the Gatehouse Toddlers Group and they have volunteers on a Monday during term time, who support mothers and carers of toddlers who maybe need some company, cup of tea and a chat. The Gatehouse Food Bags for Children’s project is also still ongoing via local schools. They work in conjunction with the Blackpool Food Bank and pass on food to families who need a little extra help.

Please pray for these projects and all those who are involved in them. Thank you.


If you want to get involved as a volunteer in any of the projects at the Gatehouse please speak to Kay Walker.

To volunteer at Blackpool Food Bank visit: Blackpool Food Bank

To volunteer at the Lord’s Soup Kitchen visit them under the Metropole at the Cenotaph between 12 and 1pm on Mondays or speak to Bernie via Clifton Christian Centre.