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'childrens meals' Tagged Posts

Children’s Report [Vision meeting]

Kay Walker (Children’s Report) | 9.02.2022 From February to June 2021 we continued with giving the children activities to do in the service.  We had been putting a link on the website for families at home to download activities but stopped doing this after a few months as it was no longer being used. In person Sunday school resumed in July.  It has been lovely to be able to have space to run around, make a noise, have fun, learn…

Menu bags for children – Update

Kay’s update: We have now completed the menu/food bags distribution. The schools and families were so appreciative of all the help. We won’t continue giving menu/food bags to the schools at the moment because we’ve linked them up with Blackpool Food Bank and they will get food supplies from the food bank themselves directly. However, we will continue to keep up our links with the schools.

Menu bags for children

Donations required For week of 17/01/2021 Carton of UHT milk – semi or full Tin of minced beef and onion (Aldi don’t do this but Asda, Farmfoods and possibly Tesco do) Jar of tomato pasta sauce Bag of sugar Please contact Kay if you would like us to collect from you. For financial donations, please go to Donations. Thank you. Read more about Food/Meal Bags for Children Example Recipe cards Go to Recipe Cards Food bags at Christmas 27/12/2020 On…

Recipes for menu bags

Here are the links to the recipe cards included with the menu/food bags for our Meal Bags for Children project. They will open as PDF files which you can download. Recipe cards 1 Recipe cards 2