Sermons from June 2018

Sermons from June 2018

David #1 – A worshipping Heart

David’s epitaph was that God considered him to be a man after His own heart. This sermon encourages us to be like David and be a worshipper above everything else – the rest of our Christian lives will flow out of that.

Change – It’s All about Perspective

Based on Numbers 13 and 14 we see that having the correct perspective with regard to change allows us to enter into the promises of God. Let’s be a people that focuses on the promises rather than the obstacles.

Who Am I?

In our family service we looked at  ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus – the children have been studying these in Sunday school. The question is asked – ‘what do you think about what Jesus said about Himself?’!


Relationship ‘experts’ share some important principals of communication and love. A very practical and inspiring tag-team session.

Beatitudes #8 – The Persecuted

In the final talk on the beatitudes we examine the idea of persecution – what it is and what it isn’t. This is something that will face every Christian who truly wants to follow Jesus.

A Merry Heart Does You Good

Based around verses in the Book of Proverbs we see the importance and value of having a heart full of joy. There are also some practical pieces of advice about how to keep your heart in a good place.

Prayer Walking #1

We hear a talk on the Biblical basis for prayer walking and some fantastic personal stories of how effective it can be.