Sermons on Spiritual Battle

Sermons on Spiritual Battle

Spiritual Warfare #2 – The Battle over the soul of man

This study examines the nature of people as body, soul and spirit and how the battle ground is in our souls and in our minds. This is central teaching to understand how that although all things change when you become a Christian and are born again but at the same time there is a battle going on.

David #3 – A Heart for God’s Honour

We see that out of a lifestyle of worship and service David developed a heart and then lifestyle which was determined that God would be honoured. 1 Samuel 17 and the confrontation between David and Goliath is our starting point. We learn some core things about identity and having a heart to serve God.

Seek His Face

How to apply the principles of 2 Chronicles 7:14 in our own lives and for future generations. Be inspired as Liz shares her heart.

Destined for Blackpool – Jason Heron

Jason and Lynda Heron were radically saved in this church almost 30 years ago and now pastor a 450 strong church in Northampton. You will be blessed and inspired by their testimony and a great pearl of wisdom at the end.

Stand Out from the Crowd

When the twelve men went to spy out the promised land, ten saw the problems and only two saw the possibilities. The ten went on to persuade the people that the task was too difficult (Numbers 13). The two, Joshua and Caleb, had to stand out from the crowd and ultimately they were the ones to inherit the promised land. If you want to inherit what God has got for you, at some point you will need stop going along…

Fishers of Men

Jesus makes a promise to His disciples that if they follow Him He will make them fishers of men – see Mark 1:16-20. This sermon looks at the strategies that fishermen use and see how they can be transferred to Christian disciples as they seek to be fishers of men. This very thought provoking and challenging.
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