Sermons on Passion

Sermons on Passion

Beatitudes #3 – Blessed are the meek

We see that meekness has a different meaning to what we normally think. It is an attitude of strength that is under control. There are great blessings attached as we allow God to work this characteristic in our lives.

Holy Spirit #1 – Thirsty for the river to flow

Based around Jesus’s great announcement at the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem in John 7:37-44, this introduction to the series shows how significant Jesus’s statement was, how that the flow of the Spirit within someone’s life can be given by Jesus to anyone who comes to Him.The main condition is to have a thirst. My prayer is that as you listen, a thirst for God, the gifts of the Spirit and a desire for greater effectiveness in your life will…

Baptism with the Spirit and Fire

Using entertaining and inspiring personal testimonies, Matt Parsons from Lifeline Ministries in Cornwall, explains how baptism in the Spirit and fire can radically impact the way we see people’s lives transformed as we go about our daily lives.


John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus. This sermon challenges us to put in the preparation in our own lives and then put it into practice with a goal of preparing the way for others to meet Jesus. If you do this in your life, you will see good results!

Walking with the Spirit – Wholehearted for God

This talk encourages us by helping us to focus on the possibilities of walking with the Holy Spirit. However, this is not a one off experience, rather it is only possible with a consistent relationship with God, where we learn to love Him with all our hearts, souls, minds and bodies.