Sermons on Participation

Sermons on Participation

I have placed before you an open door

We see how the message to the church in Philadelphia in Revelation 3 has a foundation in the Book of Isaiah. We see some great promises fulfilled in Christ and the idea of open doors of opportunity existing for us to serve God.

The Anchor of our Soul

Hebrews 6 refers to the anchor of our souls. We see the importance of having our souls anchored in the storms of life. This anchor is a hope in God to fulfil His promises, guaranteed by Jesus. The anchor keeps us firm but also allows us the freedom to push on in the purposes of God.

Why are YOU here?

Tonight’s sermon focuses on why YOU are here, either at Church or on our website, and emphasises that we need to ‘raise our bar’ as Christians, because we are Christians for life, not just for Sunday.

Giving Freely

In Exodus 35 God commanded the people to build a tabernacle for Him. People freely and willingly gave of their time, money and skills to do this, so much so that they had to be told to stop giving. Here are some key points reflecting on why they did this and how we can discover this blessing.

Partnership #2 – Behaving and Belonging

This sermon addresses two issues. A core belief we have as a church is that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus. However, it is also clear that salvation leads to a changed lifestyle. This sermon examines what this new lifestyle looks like and the sort of behaviour that is associated with being a disciple of Jesus. Then it looks at how the early Christians met together and the types of things they did – we want to…

Partnership #1 – Connected as Believers

This is the first in a 3 part series on ‘Partnership’. Previously this was referred to as ‘Membership’. This series looks at what is involved in making Partnership meaningful. This sermon looks at how the New Testament describes the church as a body and a building and what this means in terms of Christians’ relationships with one another and their commitment to one another. It then goes on to show that one distinguishing mark of Christians together in a fellowship…