Sermons on Identity

Sermons on Identity

I am wonderful

Using Genesis 1, Psalm 139 and Ephesians 1 we see that people in general are valuable, that as individuals are valuable and that God decided He wanted to forgive us and adopt us into a new family. I AM WONDERFUL!!

Identity in Christ

It is easy to lose sight of our true identity – this message encourages us to find our identity in Christ.

Beatitudes #3 – Blessed are the meek

We see that meekness has a different meaning to what we normally think. It is an attitude of strength that is under control. There are great blessings attached as we allow God to work this characteristic in our lives.

In Christ #1 – Introduction

The expression ‘in Christ’ or variation of this is included at least 164 times in the New Testament letters, so it is something that is important to understand. This sermon is an introduction to a series which examines the benefits and implications of being ‘in Christ’. Are you ‘in Christ’, then discover the benefits. If you are not sure, then this will help you.

Be Still and Know That I am God

Everyone knows that the world is in a mess and Christians are not exempt from problems. In this sermon we look at three things based on Psalm 46, and in particular verses 10 and 11. Our Duty – to be still Our Privilege – to know Our Objective – to exalt God

Holy Spirit #8 – Free to be Yourself

This final talk in the series shows us that an authentic walk with the Holy Spirit gives us freedom to be ourselves as given by the grace of God. We need to be born again, learn to understand our position in Christ but also embrace our individuality. This is God’s plan for us.

Distracted from Godly Vision?

A key to a successful Christian walk is found in looking in the right direction. A quick review of hands confirmed the statistic that about 30% of people have walked into a lamp post at some point in their life – probably because they were distracted! This sermon details five scriptural directions to look and the incredible benefit of doing so and then takes a little time to think about distractions. Are you distracted from having the correct focus in…