Sermons on Eternal life

Sermons on Eternal life

I am The Resurrection and the Life

In John 10 and the story of Lazarus we see the stages of physical death and spiritual death, the religious beliefs about resurrection and then see that in Jesus there is true resurrection and eternal life.

I am the Resurrection (Morning)

In John 10 we read the story of Lazarus and see how personal resurrection and life is found in the person of Jesus.

Removing the Grave Clothes

When Lazurus came forth out the tomb, he was alive, but was wrapped in death clothes, and Jesus commanded that they be taken off which is a mirror image of somebody putting their life in Christ and still being wrapped up in stuff which Jesus tells us now to remove.

Investing in People

We see that Jesus placed great value on people. But then we examine the Parable in Luke 19:11-27 which shows that we are to invest what God has given us into people that do not yet follow Jesus.

The Power of Story – JWAR#3

The words of our personal stories (testimonies) and also God’s story (Gospel) have great power when told clearly and succinctly from the heart. This practical message gives us some pointers.

Stop Hugging That Cactus!

Rod Barnett, the Festival Director for the Lancashire Festival of Hope, uses the calling of Matthew in Matthew 9:9-13 to show that there is a place for everyone at God’s table and that we no longer need to allow our past to dictate our future. Great message!!

In Christ #12 – Resurrection Part 2

In this second part we see that personal experience of the resurrected Christ and the subsequent transformation of your life is the greatest and most powerful evidence of the resurrection of Christ from the dead and also a future guaranteed. However, we also review some other evidences of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and the implications for each one of us.

In Christ #11 – Resurrection Part 1

This sermon starts to look at the fact that a foundational belief and hope for the Christian is to be resurrected. This belief is founded in scripture, a personal experience of being born-again and also in the actual resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
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