Sermons on Courage

Sermons on Courage

Jesus – The Gentle High Priest

We see that Jesus deals with every repentant person in a gentle way. We see from Hebrews 4 that He is able to understand and empathise with our temptations and our struggles to obey God, because He has walked along that path and succeeded.

I am the Vine

In this short sermon we are encouraged to deny ourselves and make decisions for Jesus in order to bear fruit for God.

The Joshua Perspective

Joshua was a man who saw life through God’s perspective, looking at the possibilities not the hindrances, even in his old age.  The Biblical account reflects this as the historical accounts point to God and God’s activity, we could do well follow such a lifestyle example.

The Anchor of our Soul

Hebrews 6 refers to the anchor of our souls. We see the importance of having our souls anchored in the storms of life. This anchor is a hope in God to fulfil His promises, guaranteed by Jesus. The anchor keeps us firm but also allows us the freedom to push on in the purposes of God.

Victory from Defeat

This sermon focuses on David and how he took victory from defeat, when it seemed he had lost everything and everything came against him.


Today our sermon talked about seasons in The Bible and how we are all ‘warriors’ in God’s Army.

The Favour of God

God is good all the time and His favour is there for us all the time. This talk tells us how we can access and enjoy God’s favour in any situation in life.

Stand Out from the Crowd

When the twelve men went to spy out the promised land, ten saw the problems and only two saw the possibilities. The ten went on to persuade the people that the task was too difficult (Numbers 13). The two, Joshua and Caleb, had to stand out from the crowd and ultimately they were the ones to inherit the promised land. If you want to inherit what God has got for you, at some point you will need stop going along…
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