Sermons on Character

Sermons on Character

Thrive in Babylon

Message from our service on Sunday, 17th May 2020 Revd Pete Read BA, MA – Vice-Principle of Regents Theological College, Elim’s Training Centre

Pressing Through To Bless

Every time you want to step up a level in order to bring the blessing of God to others, there will be things that could stop you. We see this in the life of Jesus and are encouraged to press through to bring the blessing.

Fred Jackson on Servanthood

Our local councillor Fred Jackson describes his motivation and reason for serving as a local councillor – namely that Jesus was a servant and so we should be too. He also answers questions from the floor.

Leadership Training

A fantastic seminar based around an unknown lady called Sheerah who gets a mention in 1 Chronicles 7:24 and who had a big impact on the destiny of the people of Israel (see Joshua 10:6).

Lessons from John the Baptist

In this sermon we pick up something of the method, the direction, the journey and the approach of a great man of God. Interestingly, every believer is greater than Him!!

I am the Vine – Abiding in Love

The final key to ‘abiding in Jesus’ is remaining in His love. By doing this we will bear much fruit. We focus on 1 John chapters 3 and 4 and review the nature of real love and how to live it out.