Sermons on Attitude

Sermons on Attitude

3 Lettuces from Hebrews 10

We are in a time when we are under pressure in all sorts of different ways – whether it is through suffering we have faced, or being isolated, emotionally distanced, uncertainty all round.

Rev Steve Haskett

Rev Steve Haskett, vicar from St John’s Church in Blackpool, joins us this morning and shares some thoughts on the theme we have been exploring recently on new wineskins for new wine and being fit for purpose for the new outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit.

Be In a State of Readiness

This is a practical sermon encouraging us to be ready for when God wants to do something or wants us to do something. We are encouraged to be ready to hear, ready with the Word of God, ready with prayer and ready to activate what God has asked us to do.

David #6 – A Repentant Heart

Reviewing the account of David and Bathsheba we see that God is a holy God and hates sin, that He also loves to forgive but that we still need to turn to Him in repentance. This is a hard-hitting sermon which challenges our modern complacency to the idea of sin.

David #5 – A Declared Faith in God

Carrying on with the story of David and Goliath, we review what David was putting his faith in – namely the name of God and that God would fight for him and also we see the importance of declaring God’s name and victory out loud.

The Joshua Perspective

Joshua was a man who saw life through God’s perspective, looking at the possibilities not the hindrances, even in his old age.  The Biblical account reflects this as the historical accounts point to God and God’s activity, we could do well follow such a lifestyle example.

Beatitudes #6 – Blessed are the pure in heart

This sermon compares ceremonial purity, moral purity and purity of the heart. We are blessed when our our hearts are purified, and this enables us to see God right now but one day we will see Him face to face. The important thing is that God is looking at our hearts.
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