"love" Tagged Sermons

"love" Tagged Sermons

I am wonderful

Using Genesis 1, Psalm 139 and Ephesians 1 we see that people in general are valuable, that as individuals are valuable and that God decided He wanted to forgive us and adopt us into a new family. I AM WONDERFUL!!

I am the Good Shepherd

We hear some great stories about Jesus being the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for us but also picked it up again!!

I am the Vine – Abiding in Love

The final key to ‘abiding in Jesus’ is remaining in His love. By doing this we will bear much fruit. We focus on 1 John chapters 3 and 4 and review the nature of real love and how to live it out.

David #8 – Legacy for the next generation

In the last sermon in this series we see that David had a heart to pass on good things to his son Solomon – we see this in the directions for building the new temple (1 Chronicles 28). We are encouraged to think about what we are passing on to our children and the next generation.

Do You Know Him?

A sermon asking the question – ‘Do you know Him?’ as opposed to ‘Do you know about Him?’. It highlights some of the characteristics of people that know God and encourages us all to get to know an amazing God.


Relationship ‘experts’ share some important principals of communication and love. A very practical and inspiring tag-team session.

Beatitudes #5 – Blessed are the merciful

Jesus points to a different way of life – a life where godly characteristics develop in our lives from the inside out. This beatitude focuses on showing loving kindness to those around us. One block to reaching out in mercy to others is unforgiveness.