"Jesus" Tagged Sermons

"Jesus" Tagged Sermons

Bowing the Knee to Jesus

We look at four different people in the Bible who bowed their knee to Jesus, see what happened in their lives, take one lesson from each of those and apply it to our own lives.

Pressing Through To Bless

Every time you want to step up a level in order to bring the blessing of God to others, there will be things that could stop you. We see this in the life of Jesus and are encouraged to press through to bring the blessing.

Kingdom of God #1 – Introduction

Jesus taught all the time about the Kingdom of God, so in this series we want to explore what it means and the implications for a believer. This week we are encouraged to pray simply and openly, “Let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Redeeming Our Communities

James Baker gives a clear, humorous and challenging insight to his journey of faith and how God has used him in seeing communities transformed through gardening.

Come and Dine and Go and Die

A Gospel message based around Jesus’s story about a wedding feast. This message is a call to respond to God’s invitation in Jesus and then to go an live a radical lifestyle for Him.

It’s Not About People

Although people are important in the make-up of the church, if we focus on them, we’ve missed the main point. It’s all about Jesus and the cross.