"forgiveness" Tagged Sermons

"forgiveness" Tagged Sermons

Jesus – The Gentle High Priest

We see that Jesus deals with every repentant person in a gentle way. We see from Hebrews 4 that He is able to understand and empathise with our temptations and our struggles to obey God, because He has walked along that path and succeeded.

David #6 – A Repentant Heart

Reviewing the account of David and Bathsheba we see that God is a holy God and hates sin, that He also loves to forgive but that we still need to turn to Him in repentance. This is a hard-hitting sermon which challenges our modern complacency to the idea of sin.

Beatitudes #5 – Blessed are the merciful

Jesus points to a different way of life – a life where godly characteristics develop in our lives from the inside out. This beatitude focuses on showing loving kindness to those around us. One block to reaching out in mercy to others is unforgiveness.

Beatitudes #2 – Blessed are those who mourn

When God shows us we are destitute before Him we are blessed, but this is only a start. Jesus tells us we are blessed when our sin bothers us enough to change and we experience the joy of complete forgiveness. Sin is awful but God’s forgiveness in Jesus is too wonderful for words.

Stop Hugging That Cactus!

Rod Barnett, the Festival Director for the Lancashire Festival of Hope, uses the calling of Matthew in Matthew 9:9-13 to show that there is a place for everyone at God’s table and that we no longer need to allow our past to dictate our future. Great message!!

Don’t Take Offence

We are encouraged to see the ill effects of reacting badly to an offence (which will surely come our way!) and the benefits of overcoming anger. If you struggle with this – have a listen!

In Christ #6 – Redeemed

This sermon uses Ephesians 1:3 to show how we have been redeemed and how Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. It shows how a price has been paid for the believer to have true freedom.

In Christ #4 – Righteous in Christ (Part 2)

This sermon uses 2 Corinthians 5:21 to show how we become the righteousness of God. It focuses on the fact that this righteousness is by faith from first to last (Romans 1:17) and that it is not by striving or religious observance. It is a brand new way of thinking and living and it is much better!!

In Christ #3 – Righteous in Christ (Part 1)

This sermon examines the significance of the sinless Son of God becoming sin on the cross so that believers may become the righteousness of God ( 2 Corinthians 5:21). Scriptures written over a timespan of around 1000 years are used to show the depth of what God did in sending His Son, Jesus for a sinful world.

In Christ #2 – Grace

2 Timothy 1:9 tells us that we have grace in Christ. This sermon examines the incredible gift of grace from God and how it is so rich in salvation, changing us for the better, keeps us going and provides everything that God knows we need. If you want a rich patron – God is the best one to have!
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