"Encouragement" Tagged Sermons

"Encouragement" Tagged Sermons

Psalm 139

In this sermon we focus on God having all of our days in His hands. He knows everything about us. For the Christian, we can be assured that nothing can take us away from His presence or separate us from His love.

Jesus – The Gentle High Priest

We see that Jesus deals with every repentant person in a gentle way. We see from Hebrews 4 that He is able to understand and empathise with our temptations and our struggles to obey God, because He has walked along that path and succeeded.

Attractive Christianity

Guest speaker Robert Tatum from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association speaks from Mark chapter 2 and gives 3 simple pointers to attractive Christianity.

David #8 – Legacy for the next generation

In the last sermon in this series we see that David had a heart to pass on good things to his son Solomon – we see this in the directions for building the new temple (1 Chronicles 28). We are encouraged to think about what we are passing on to our children and the next generation.

Prayer Walking #1

We hear a talk on the Biblical basis for prayer walking and some fantastic personal stories of how effective it can be.

A Friend in God

Ecclesiastes 4 has some wonderful verses about friendship. We are not made to be on our own and here we see great value and reward from the friendships and relationships we cultivate.


Today we looked at how the Lord works ‘suddenly’ in our life. It looks at Zechariah, Mary and the shepherds and then makes some very practical observations about how to deal with various things that can happen suddenly in our lives.

Be Still and Know That I am God

Everyone knows that the world is in a mess and Christians are not exempt from problems. In this sermon we look at three things based on Psalm 46, and in particular verses 10 and 11. Our Duty – to be still Our Privilege – to know Our Objective – to exalt God

The Favour of God

God is good all the time and His favour is there for us all the time. This talk tells us how we can access and enjoy God’s favour in any situation in life.

God at Work in Israel

Paul Calvert tells us some good news and prayer pointers. He has worked in Israel for 16 years as a journalist and runs a Christian Community radio station in Bethlehem. Paul has a radio program which goes to England and Canada interviewing people in the holy land, Both Arab and Jew, looking at life, the situation and Ministry in the land. He also has a program in Arabic called make a difference which is to encourage young Palestinians to get…
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