Sermons by Neville Walker

Sermons by Neville Walker

Transformation / change

We are part way through a transformation in this time and we need to encourage ourselves that whilst we may still be in the middle of a transformation and situations are changing, we need to keep going.

Setting Apart Christ as Lord

We are on a journey of making Christ Lord of our lives. We need to live out our lives discovering who Jesus is. A critical component is doing the will of God. Doing what Jesus says is vital in allowing him to be Lord of your life.

The Presence of God

Do you spend time with God, personally getting together with God? We read the story about Martha and Mary in Luke 10:38.

Bowing the Knee to Jesus

We look at four different people in the Bible who bowed their knee to Jesus, see what happened in their lives, take one lesson from each of those and apply it to our own lives.

Praying Together – Part 1

Prayer changes the world and it changes us to impact the world. There is such power as we meet together to pray. Praying together changes us as we pray. Every single prayer is stored up and has an impact not just what you can see at the moment but for eternity and for the whole earth.

The Call, the Cost, the Community

Counting the cost and following the call. Iain Hesketh, Elim International Missions Director talks about giving everything to follow Jesus and Rev Neville Walker’s sermon is on the cost and commitment of being a Christian.