Sermons by Neville Walker

Sermons by Neville Walker

When Jesus returns

Following on from Neville’s previous two weeks’ sermons, our third and final message is from the account in Matthew 25 of what will happen when Jesus returns.

God has chosen us for fruitfulness

Neville talks to us about Matthew 25 – the parable about the Master who entrusts his servants with His wealth and expects them to be good stewards of it – not to hide their light under a bushel. If they invest it wisely, it will multiply.

The Second Coming of Christ (Part 3)

Continuing on from last week with the series on the Second Coming – We don’t know the time of Christ’s return. It will be at a time that we don’t expect – but don’t let it catch you unawares. Life will be going on as normal – for the ready and the unready. Martin Luther is believed to have said, ‘If I knew Jesus was coming tomorrow, I would still collect the rent and plant an apple tree’. We should…

The Second Coming of Christ (Part 2)

Neville continues with the series that he started last week about the second coming of Christ. This week: Deception, interpreting the signs, standing fast – don’t let love grow cold. This is based on Matthew 24 and 25.

The Second Coming of Christ (Part 1)

One of Elim’s foundation truths is – “We believe in the personal, physical and visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ to reign in power and glory.” One in every 25 verses in New Testament refer either to the rapture of the church or Christ’s coming to reign over the world.

Jesus said there would be a cost

The Gospel Challenges many things which is why you can expect persecution – from religion, government, family and society. But it is only through true discipleship that you see the many deep rewards.

God says ‘Come’

God is an invitational God – He says ‘come to me, come who are thirsty, weary and burdened, come, follow me’ in so many scriptures. But at times we may have certain reasons for not drawing near to God – such as no desire, or having a feeling of unworthiness, anger or disappointment or too many distractions. Let us not miss out on having a dynamic life, full of the spirit, growing in intimacy with Him, impacting the world around us…