Sermons by Adam Lee

Sermons by Adam Lee

Spiritual Warfare #2 – The Battle over the soul of man

This study examines the nature of people as body, soul and spirit and how the battle ground is in our souls and in our minds. This is central teaching to understand how that although all things change when you become a Christian and are born again but at the same time there is a battle going on.

Pressing Through To Bless

Every time you want to step up a level in order to bring the blessing of God to others, there will be things that could stop you. We see this in the life of Jesus and are encouraged to press through to bring the blessing.

Isolation Examined

We see examples of isolation and its results and then an example of how support makes all the difference.

Removing the Grave Clothes

When Lazurus came forth out the tomb, he was alive, but was wrapped in death clothes, and Jesus commanded that they be taken off which is a mirror image of somebody putting their life in Christ and still being wrapped up in stuff which Jesus tells us now to remove.