Single Sermons

Single Sermons

Pressing Through To Bless

Every time you want to step up a level in order to bring the blessing of God to others, there will be things that could stop you. We see this in the life of Jesus and are encouraged to press through to bring the blessing.

Serving as the Body of Christ

A really practical sermon about working together as the Body of Christ. There are loads of pieces of wisdom that will help all those serving in church.

Be In a State of Readiness

This is a practical sermon encouraging us to be ready for when God wants to do something or wants us to do something. We are encouraged to be ready to hear, ready with the Word of God, ready with prayer and ready to activate what God has asked us to do.

The Body of Christ

This word in season looks at the implications of being the Body of Christ – it is vital that we understand and live it out.

Messiah Reset

For many reasons we can find our lives running almost out of control. Using Isaiah 9 as our text we see how we can have a proper reset focussed on Jesus the Messiah and His governance.

Isolation Examined

We see examples of isolation and its results and then an example of how support makes all the difference.

Come and Dine and Go and Die

A Gospel message based around Jesus’s story about a wedding feast. This message is a call to respond to God’s invitation in Jesus and then to go an live a radical lifestyle for Him.