God Wants Us to Flex

God Wants Us to Flex

Investing in the Kingdom – Part 5

In this teaching Neville focuses on the area of finances, namely, tithing of our income, stewardship of our money, investing in the Kingdom and using our financial talents. This is the time to be flexing and reaching out but it will cost us something to do this. The Bible has a lot to say about money and it is a reminder for us and a challenge. It is taking us a step further than we are at this point in…

Spiritual Warfare – Part 4

Key scriptures: Isaiah 54:2, Acts 4:16-33; 16:16-26. Brother Anozie continues in the series God Wants Us To Flex and the stretching of ourselves in order to expand the Kingdom of God. He uses the analogy of a rubber band. When the rubber band is not stretched the energy particles are collided and disorganised but when stretched, increases in size and in length and takes up new space and is organised.

Finding People of Peace – Part 3

This week’s teaching is about how we can reach new communities to share the Good News of Jesus. Doing this by prayer walks, meeting people, working as a team, hearing God direct us and so we get to hear God’s heart for the area. Key scripture verses: Joshua 1:1-9 / Luke 10:1-12

The Gospel Spread – Part 2

We continue the series GOD WANTS US TO FLEX and we hear about five main ways the Gospel was spread according to the book of Acts and how it applies to us today:

God Wants Us To Flex – Part 1

There is a new season in the church! Are you ready to ENLARGE the place of your tent, STRETCH your tent curtains wide, no holding back, LENGTHEN your cords, STRENGTHEN your stakes!