David - A Man After God's Own Heart

David - A Man After God's Own Heart

David #8 – Legacy for the next generation

In the last sermon in this series we see that David had a heart to pass on good things to his son Solomon – we see this in the directions for building the new temple (1 Chronicles 28). We are encouraged to think about what we are passing on to our children and the next generation.

David #7 – Wholehearted

Using 2 Samuel 6 as a basis, we see that David is wholehearted – fully devoted to the Lord. This sermon draws out some practical pointers and indicators of a wholehearted person. It is challenging!

David #6 – A Repentant Heart

Reviewing the account of David and Bathsheba we see that God is a holy God and hates sin, that He also loves to forgive but that we still need to turn to Him in repentance. This is a hard-hitting sermon which challenges our modern complacency to the idea of sin.

David #5 – A Declared Faith in God

Carrying on with the story of David and Goliath, we review what David was putting his faith in – namely the name of God and that God would fight for him and also we see the importance of declaring God’s name and victory out loud.

David #4 – A Heart of Faith

Looking at the account of David and Goliath, we see that David’s faith grew in everyday situations, that it was an authentic and considered faith and that it was for the long-term. Discover things about David’s family and Goliath that you may not have considered before.

David #3 – A Heart for God’s Honour

We see that out of a lifestyle of worship and service David developed a heart and then lifestyle which was determined that God would be honoured. 1 Samuel 17 and the confrontation between David and Goliath is our starting point. We learn some core things about identity and having a heart to serve God.

David #2 – Worship to Prophecy

Out of a heart of worship we see that David prophecies. Using the amazing prophetic Psalm 22 we look at that God will choose a worshipper to use in the prophetic ministry. Paul in Corinthians suggests all Christians can prophecy, but it is vital that we have a worshipping heart.

David #1 – A worshipping Heart

David’s epitaph was that God considered him to be a man after His own heart. This sermon encourages us to be like David and be a worshipper above everything else – the rest of our Christian lives will flow out of that.