Sermons on Numbers

Sermons on Numbers


Jamie Price shared this message during our online service on 26/07/2020 which explores the meaning of pioneers and the story from Numbers 13:26-33.

Change – It’s All about Perspective

Based on Numbers 13 and 14 we see that having the correct perspective with regard to change allows us to enter into the promises of God. Let’s be a people that focuses on the promises rather than the obstacles.

Age is just a number

After prayer for some world events the sermon begins. Through looking at Caleb we see a man of a different spirit and we are encouraged to make our lives count.

Stand Out from the Crowd

When the twelve men went to spy out the promised land, ten saw the problems and only two saw the possibilities. The ten went on to persuade the people that the task was too difficult (Numbers 13). The two, Joshua and Caleb, had to stand out from the crowd and ultimately they were the ones to inherit the promised land. If you want to inherit what God has got for you, at some point you will need stop going along…