Sermons on 1 Chronicles

Sermons on 1 Chronicles

Leadership Training

A fantastic seminar based around an unknown lady called Sheerah who gets a mention in 1 Chronicles 7:24 and who had a big impact on the destiny of the people of Israel (see Joshua 10:6).

David #8 – Legacy for the next generation

In the last sermon in this series we see that David had a heart to pass on good things to his son Solomon – we see this in the directions for building the new temple (1 Chronicles 28). We are encouraged to think about what we are passing on to our children and the next generation.

Prayer #3 – We Don’t Know What to Do

In 2 Chronicles 20 of King Jehoshaphat prayed ‘We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you’. When we don’t know what to do in a particular situation, it is good to turn our eyes from the situation and say to God that we don’t know what to do. Then we are able to fix our eyes on God, by fasting, listening, kneeling and singing and see God’s peace and victory come through. This message might lead…