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Sermon Archives

Valerie Fraser – Testimony

Valerie Fraser shares her testimony of how God helped her through her life until now. You can sign up for the online Freedom Course that Valerie has written which is being presented at the Gatehouse Church, starting 15th April 2021.

Palm Sunday

We look at the biblical concept of sacrifice, what Jesus’ sacrifice means and what it accomplishes for us.

Stand firm

In moments of difficulty we should stand firm, always ready to move in accordance with God’s call and conduct ourselves according to the truth of the word. If our faith is strong enough we will withstand anything that the enemy throws at us. It will overcome any obstacles, lies and mistruths.

Sharing Influence

As parents and grandparents we want the very best for our children. As believers we are called to have a godly influence on our families and to the wider world around us.

Christian Lifestyle – Putting on the new self (2)

Last week we looked at Ephesians 4 which talks about how we should live to please God. This week we hear about how we put on the new self and make radical obedience choices. Discover what God’s standard is and be challenged – unless we read this in the Bible how will we find out what God considers wrong.

Prepared for works of service

Ephesians 4 1As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 

Live a life worthy (2)

Continued from last week – living a life that is worthy of the Lord in light of the calling you have received. Each part does its work, all are called to work. No one is redundant.

Live a life worthy (1)

Live a life worthy of the calling  you have received. What does this look like? Considering others better than yourself. Putting others’ needs above your own. Putting their interests above your own. Laying down your rights. Are you willing to be teachable so that you can live this life?

God’s love

God’s love empowers us and enables us to live our lives in a far better way. Understanding and experiencing God’s love is key to living for Him.