Really Good News

Really Good News

The Elim Really Good News campaign is launching today and continues during the month of March. Each day there will be someone who will tell their story of how they became a Jesus follower or how being a Jesus follower has helped them during lockdown.

Go on a journey to discover the excellent news of Jesus and the hope that He brings to the world!

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Latest GATEHOUSE news

  • Peace In His Presence!
    An evening of Praise, Worship & Prayer – Peace In His Presence will be held on 3rd July 6:30pm. At these events we usually have a time of praise and worship with prayer and thanksgiving in between, from anyone who feels led. ALL WELCOME!
  • God Wants Us To Flex
    There is a new season in the church! Are we ready to ENLARGE the place of our tent, stretch our tent curtains wide, not holding back, to LENGTHEN our cords, STRENGTHEN our stakes? God Wants Us To Flex is a new Gatehouse sermon series teaching about the body of Christ moving forward, going further and stepping forward to spread the Good News of the Gospel. Sermon Archive – God Wants Us To Flex