Really Good News

Really Good News

The Elim Really Good News campaign is launching today and continues during the month of March. Each day there will be someone who will tell their story of how they became a Jesus follower or how being a Jesus follower has helped them during lockdown.

Go on a journey to discover the excellent news of Jesus and the hope that He brings to the world!

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Latest GATEHOUSE news

  • Praying for South Shore
    The time to pray for breakthrough in our area and for the church has not stopped. So we need everyone to get involved. We will meet at church for a short time of prayer and encouragement, and then go to a part of South Shore. Then, in pairs, walk through the area praying and also ask people who we meet, how they would like us to pray. We’ll then return for a quick debrief and time of prayer at church. […]
  • Open Doors
    Good news is that Open Doors is once again open and you are invited for a brew and a natter. The centre is open on Tuesday mornings at 10.30am. Read more