Q&A – Prayer Ministry Team

Q&A – Prayer Ministry Team

The Prayer Ministry team at the Gatehouse Church is headed up by Ian & Valerie Fraser. It was started in December 2019 and so far has nine committed members.

Here are some questions that were put to them recently:

Q What do you want to accomplish?

To see our congregation grow spiritually.

Q Why is prayer ministry important to our church?

If during the service someone may have been convicted by the Holy Spirit about some area in their life that they need prayer for. We want to come alongside our fellow believer in prayer with complete confidentiality. Then together seek Jesus, who knows all things, to help them move on in their Christian journey.

Q What is involved in your ministry?

Each member should be a mature Christian with a strong personal relationship with Jesus. Be available after services to pray with people.

Q What difference has your ministry made so far?

Not much at the moment as we are a very new ministry in the church but hope as people become more aware that prayer is available we shall see results.

Q What training is given?

The team are attending an evening training at Ellel Grange in Lancaster every two months and are to attend additional training sessions as scheduled, on prayer ministry.

Q What commitment is required?

To be available after services to pray for people as long as needed.

Q What is your vision/hopes for the ministry?

We believe as a church that prayer is vital if we are to see individual members and we as a church to grow into a body of believers who will make a difference in our community for The Kingdom.

Q What rewards are there?

Seeing the spiritual growth in a person’s life and the transformation that only Jesus can bring and seeing the person prayed for going on with God which is a great reward.