During non-COVID times here at the Gatehouse we have a Visiting Team headed up by Kay Walker.

To ensure people in hospital are visited as least once a week and to help everyone feel connected and valued and ensure everyone is cared for.

If you’re someone who can listen and pray, cares for people and are comfortable making conversation, are of any age and background, do contact us if you would like to join the team.

Did you know

  • If 6 people do 2 visits a month, 120 people can receive a visit each year.
  • Hospital visits are given priority.
  • People with transport are linked to those without.
  • Can be meeting for a coffee instead of in home.
  • We have Training nights.
  • Visits are always in two’s.
  • Inexperienced team members are paired with experienced.

Please contact Kay Walker if you would like to join the Team!

Anyone who would like a visit please get in touch.