Tech Team

Tech Team

The Tech Team are responsible for four aspects of church life. These are the sound desk, livestreaming of the service, the church website (including ‘What’s On’ calendar) and social media. We are blessed to have some outstanding people in the team. Not only are they conscientious and hardworking but they are all supremely talented in their various fields. Of course, a host of other people help in many other ways and we are very thankful to all.

Live streaming, Sound & vision

The sound and vision is run by Tech team volunteers who are responsible for ensuring the livestream videos are prepared and broadcast for the Sunday services. Scriptures, songs and presentations are also prepared for showing on-screen during the services.


Our website was completely redesigned recently by a Tech team volunteer who keeps it updated regularly with the latest news and events.

Sermon videos are also uploaded to the website. The Sermon archive has over 250 sermon videos and podcasts.

Upcoming church events are also added to the church calendar.

What’s On

A What’s On bulletin is usually prepared, printed and handed out at Sunday services during non-COVID times. This consists of a monthly double-sided A4 bulletin with information about upcoming church events and more information about getting involved in the church.

The format is based on a template which ensures that the format is consistent and high quality.

What’s On Monthly bulletin produced in-house

Social Media

The church has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account with posts added regularly. At busy times we may add more content as required. In 2019 the church leadership developed Social Media guidelines to ensure that all social media content reflects favourably on the church.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer in any of these areas please contact a member of Our Team. We’d love to hear from you!


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