Tech Team

Tech Team

The Tech Team are responsible for four aspects of church life. These are the sound & vision desk, the church website, the ‘What’s On’ calendar and social media. We are blessed to have some outstanding people in the team. Not only are they conscientious and hardworking but they are all supremely talented in their various fields. Of course, a host of other people helped in many ways during 2019.

Sound & vision

The sound and vision team are responsible for ensuring the words to the worship songs are on screen, scriptures used by the preacher are also on screen and that the sermons are recorded and then uploaded to the website. (There are now more than 250 sermons online).


Our website was completely redesigned in 2020 to keep it fresh, relevant and modern. We are able to do this because of the way the site has been built. Essentially, we can change the colours, fonts, etc. without changing the underlying structure of the site which means we have had zero downtime. The new design also includes a web-accessibility plugin which allows visitors with vision problems to click a button to select a darker background colour and to enlarge the size of the text.

What’s On

This is a monthly double-sided A4 document with information about upcoming church events and how to find out more about getting involved in the church. This bulletin is handed out at Sunday services.

The format is based on a template which ensures that the format is consistent and high quality. Upcoming church events are also added to the church calendar on the website.

What’s On Monthly programme produced in-house

Social Media

The church has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account with posts added several times a week as a minimum. At busy times we may add more content as required. In 2019 the church leadership developed Social Media guidelines to ensure that all social media content reflects favourably on the church.

Social Media guidelines