The Finance Team here at the Gatehouse Church is led by Liz Hall.

We are looking for volunteers who will help after each service to count the collection. Please contact Liz Hall if you’re willing to help or would like more information.

Finance report

A full Financial report is available from the Vision 2020 Report handed out at the last Vision/Partnership Evening held on 18th February 2020. You can get a copy here.

The Minutes of the Meeting can be downloaded here.


Donations can be made online, via smartphone, by cheque or bank transfer to the Gatehouse.

Partners are encouraged to consider giving by gift aid if you pay tax. Even if you only pay a small amount of tax we can reclaim that – for instance if you only pay £10 a year in tax, if over a year you gave £40 the church can claim back that £10.  To make it easier to give through Gift Aid we are going to get envelopes printed. See examples on the table at the back of church.

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