Children’s Activity Packs

Children’s Activity Packs

You can download all the kids’ activity packs here:


The Unforgiving Servant



The Great Feast



The house on the rock – Choose which pages you want to print out.


World flags

This is a page of flags from around the world to colour.  Google the flags to find out what colours to use.  Can you make your own Nigerian Flag?  Use one piece of white A4 paper and one piece of green A4 paper.   Cut the piece of green paper into 3 equal pieces and glue one piece on the left hand side and one on the right hand side of the white paper, leaving a white strip down the middle.  (You will have  piece of green paper left over).  Attach this to a piece of bamboo with sellotape and your flag is ready to wave.  You could try praying for Nigeria and the Robinsons every time you look at it.


God’s blessings – Shine on me


Best, best friend

22/04 – Instructions to make angry/not angry faces – Image or PDF

18/04 – Learn about the Bible

11/04 – The Last Supper

04/04Download colouring pictures

31/12 Shepherds

20/12 The Birth of Jesus

13/12  There is no pack this week as the story is in the service but here’s two links you might like to use:

Link 1 –  This is an interesting puzzle/colouring sheet, it should keep kids busy for a while.

Link 2 – An activity sheet for younger children.

6/12  Zachariah and Baby John

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