Kids’ Ministry at the Gatehouse

Here at the Gatehouse we have two different groups for young children.

Creche: age 2-4/5 – A supervised play session with Bible story, craft and songs. (We meet in the Gatehouse Community Centre next door).

Sunday School: age 4/5-11 – A fast moving session with group games, activities, bible teaching, crafts and lots of fun. (We meet in the Gatehouse Community Centre next door).

All our age classifications are flexible, making sure each child is happy in the right group for them.  All volunteers are DBS checked and adhere to our ‘Safe From Harm’ policy.

Kay Walker (Families & Community Worker)

The whole congregation is together for 2-3 worship songs and then children and teenagers go off to their groups.

We want to thank everyone who is volunteering in this area for their faithfulness, creativity, passion, prayers and hard-work. God bless you!


Read the Children’s report from the annual Vision meeting.

New group Toddlers & Co for Mums, Carers & Grandparents

Report for 2021

From February to June 2021 we continued with giving the children activities to do in the service.  We had been putting a link on the website for families at home to download activities but stopped doing this after a few months as it was no longer being used.

In-person Sunday school resumed in July.  It has been lovely to be able to have space to run around, make a noise, have fun, learn about Jesus and grow in our faith together.  We have had numbers ranging from 1 to 12 and ages from 2 to 11. The numbers seem to have stabilized at around 6-10 each week at the moment.

I am privileged to work with a team of 7 volunteers who do a wonderful job of helping the children to have fun, learn and who set a fantastic example for them to follow.  Some volunteers are a second pair of hands, some tell the story or lead a game, they are all amazing and vital to what we do, thank you.  Going forward we hope to split the under 5’s and over 5’s into 2 separate groups.

Some of the highlights are seeing children really understand the gospel and come alive spiritually, a child saying “We actually have a lot in common with Jesus” in the lesson about Jesus’ childhood (which was exactly the point), children feeling at home in church and Sunday school and really enjoying themselves.  We have resumed encouraging the children to learn memory verses or recall the story each week (depending on the child’s ability) with the incentive of winning a book when they have received 10 stickers.

Kay Walker
Families & Community Worker
Gatehouse Church

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Kids & Youth Rota

Note: Creche still in the Gatehouse Centre The Kids & Youth Rota notes Creche story will be marked in the children’s bible (In back room upstairs) and the worksheets will be in the back of the Register in poly pockets (any cutting out etc. will be done for you) . Stories for crèche:  Use up packs in back of register (as organized before), hand in leftovers to Kay when finished.  If Youth cannot use Paula’s house they will go upstairs.…

Children’s Activity Packs

You can download all the kids’ activity packs here: JULY 2021 25/07 The Unforgiving Servant   18/07 The Great Feast   4/07 The house on the rock – Choose which pages you want to print out. JUNE 2021 20/06 World flags This is a page of flags from around the world to colour.  Google the flags to find out what colours to use.  Can you make your own Nigerian Flag?  Use one piece of white A4 paper and one piece…

Children’s Praise Songs

This page is for children and youth workers at the Gatehouse. Watch these videos and learn the actions to the songs! Sandyland Tell the world Best Best Friend My God never goes to sleep I Give You Thanks Bible bop God you’re good to me I just want to be a sheep One way Ask, Seek, Knock As the world shakes You Write my Name Faith as small as a mustard seed Nothing’s too big Your love makes me brave…