Staff & Leaders

Staff & Leaders

Senior Pastor

Pastor Neville Walker

Welcome to the Elim Blackpool Gatehouse Church website. I hope it is helpful to you. The Church I would like to see is a thriving church, with warm, attractive and modern facilities. Services will be relevant to people of all ages and there will be a programme to cater for all ages throughout the week. People will be getting saved, healed, set free and nurtured as new Christians, growing as disciples and being given the opportunities to use and develop…
Elder + Leader of Open Doors Ministry

Liz Hall

Liz is a leader and Elder at the Gatehouse. She also oversees the Open Doors project at the Gatehouse and is a member of the Worship team. More about Open Doors and the Worship Team
Prayer + Ministry Team Leaders

Ian & Valerie Fraser

Ian & Valerie Fraser lead the prayer ministry team. It was started in December 2019 and there will always be prayer team members available to pray with you at the end of the service if you like. More about the Prayer ministry.