Course Help

Course Help


How long are the courses for?

Bible Course: 8 weeks duration – session 1 starts on 25th November 2020.
Book of Phillipians: 8 weeks – session 1 starts on 10th February 2021.
Gatehouse Freedom Course: 6 weeks – session starts on 15th April 2021 (Thursday session) / 20th April 2021 (Tuesday session)

How much do the courses cost?

The courses are free to anyone registering.

What do I need to join the course meeting room?

You will need to have Zoom (Client for Meetings) installed on your device. You will receive a link in your registration email which will enable you to join the Course Zoom meeting room.

Where do I download the Course Manual?

Log in to your course registration page. You can find the link to download the PDF file. You may need to download a PDF reader.

I still need some help

Contact us if you would like further help.

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