Menu bags for children

Menu bags for children

Donations required

For week of 17/01/2021

  • Carton of UHT milk – semi or full
  • Tin of minced beef and onion (Aldi don’t do this but Asda, Farmfoods and possibly Tesco do)
  • Jar of tomato pasta sauce
  • Bag of sugar

Please contact Kay if you would like us to collect from you. For financial donations, please go to Donations. Thank you.

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Example Recipe cards

Showing recipe cards that are included in the children's meal bags

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Food bags at Christmas


On Tuesday we had the second pick up of food bags for children.

Feedback received

We asked families for feedback and comments about the packs and where we could improve to make the packs better for them. The majority of them reported that they had done the cooking of the meals together with their children, which is brilliant. The recipes are designed for adults and children to cook together.

Some of the recipe cards that are included in the meal bags

Everyone said that the food bags were really helpful, one comment was that it allowed them to use the food money to pay for their gas instead. They also commented on the menus and said they were really good and gave them an idea of what to cook. Many also said that it helped them to eat healthy.

We will be continuing the meal bags this week, taking them into the schools on a Monday morning even if the schools are closed. They will be open for key worker’s children so we will take them into school for them to be collected there.

Craft bags

All but one child loved the craft packs which had the Christmas story on them. This time we first asked the families if they would like them, just to test and see the response. Everyone took enough copies for all of their children to enjoy.

Watch our live services to hear updates about our Food Bags for Children.

Also pray that the Lord will give us direction on how to go further with this.

Kay Walker

If you would like to contribute financially please go to our Donations page for more information.

New Project – Meal Bags for children


As you know, families find it quite hard to feed children during half-terms and school holidays. Children aren’t getting their school dinners so we would like to help locally with that. Talking to Gateway Academy we have come up with an idea to help 25 families. We are going to do a recipe card with all the ingredients to make nutritious meals and give those to the school who will then give them to the families. So we are going to make four separate meals and have four bags for each family with all the ingredients which will have to be tinned goods mostly. We’ll give those to the families and hopefully they will be able to cook them with the children during the school holidays. It will be a nice thing for them to do cooking with their children and also it will help at least 25 families during the school holidays which is two weeks for this school.

So what I need people’s help for is donations towards the cost of the goods. It is very specific to make recipes so it’s better if you give church the money and I will just do one big shop from the supermarket and we can then put these together. You can donate in the normal ways through the Givt app online, or the donations box at church. Just make sure you mark it ‘Meal bags for children’ and it will be a great help.

We’re hoping this will be a trial which we can learn from and hopefully we can go even further in other holidays. Just pray that it will bless these families and it will be a real help to them.

Thank you so much.

Kay Walker

If you would like to contribute financially please go to our Donations page for more information.