Hi from Paul – Pais Youth Worker

Hi from Paul – Pais Youth Worker

Hello Gatehouse Church!

My name is Paul, I’m from Germany and I’m 19 years old and for the next academic year, I will be responsible for youth work in the Gatehouse church! I am part of a global movement called “Pais”, which is an ancient Greek word, which means “child servant of the king”. And this is what Pais is about: Young adults, sacrificing a year (or more) to serve God!

I am not on my own there are two other young adults in Blackpool doing the same gap year program but based in other churches. Tiffany, our team leader, is at St. Johns, town center and Naomi is at Christ Church with All Saints.

Over all, there are about 20 teams all over the UK and Pais itself is in at least one nation on every continent and constantly growing! It is amazing to be part of that movement.

Within the team we work together in the week, volunteering in schools, doing assemblies, lunch clubs and more, to tell the pupils of the love of God!

Since I was 12 years old, I enjoyed youth work in my home church and started not only attending it, but actively contributing to it and shaping it. Basically for 6 years I was involved in doing all sorts of different things! I experienced the youth group as a place where I can be myself, meet my friends and have tons of fun, but most important, experience God in a way like never before!

My vision is­­­­­ that not only the youth group here in the Gatehouse church should become such a place for the young people in the church, but for everyone who is coming from the outside as well! There is a long way to go, but I’m sure that we can do this with the help of God.

This year is just the start, since I will be leaving Blackpool next July, but we are hoping to have other Pais workers coming to shape the church and the youth in their own unique way and gifts.

This is the slogan of Pais England: Wave after wave! There is always someone coming next, gently shaping the landscape!

I’m excited for what God will be doing in the upcoming year!

Be blessed,
Paul Mielke


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