Gatehouse Freedom Course

Gatehouse Freedom Course

foundations for freedom in every part of your life

6-week online Bible based course

This course will give us biblical truth to help us be free from our past and help us deal with issues in the future.

starts Thursday, 15TH April 2021 (10.30Am) and Tuesday, 20th April 2021 (7.30pm)

Each week we will look at different subjects, discuss what we have learned and ask questions. 

Session 1 – Foundation for the healing ministry
Session 2 – Inner healing and emotional wholeness
Session 3 – Forgiveness
Session 4 – Acceptance
Session 5 – Soul Ties
Session 6 – Deliverance

Do the course from the comfort of your own home

You will be joining other people on the course which will be interactive with a leader. Each session includes a guide, discussion and question time.

Full information will be sent to you once registration is complete. You will also have access to a Guide (PDF) which will help you work through the sessions.

Tuesday, 20th April at 7.30pm


Thursday, 15th April at 10.30Am

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