Food Bags Report [Vision Meeting]

Food Bags Report [Vision Meeting]

Since Dec 2021 we have delivered a total of approximately 80 medium sized and 30 large sized food parcels to families in need via Educational Diversity Schools in Blackpool. The Christmas week one included everything that was needed for Christmas dinner (including napkins, crackers and tablecloths). The weekly parcels included ingredients for two family evening meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, treats/biscuits and some essentials such as wash up liquid, tea bags, milk and so on.

We have received around £360 in cash and £500 through bank transfer. We collected a supply of surplus ambient food weekly from the food bank (ie. things that will go off like fruit, veg, bread). We have been able to make up the parcels with what we receive from the food bank and bought supplies and have not needed to use any additional funds from church.

Delivery of food parcels to the schools will be “paused” after this week (8th Feb), with the option of starting again if the families need them. In addition, there will be 10 emergency food parcels suitable for a family of four, with non-perishable goods kept in the Portacabin and available for anyone who needs them. These will be replaced as they are used.

Everyone who has received the parcels have been very appreciative of the help, as have the Schools. Thank you so much to everyone who had contributed.

Kay Walker
Families & Community Worker
Gatehouse Church