Menu bags for children – Update

Menu bags for children – Update

Kay’s update: We have now completed the menu/food bags distribution. The schools and families were so appreciative of all the help. We won’t continue giving menu/food bags to the schools at the moment because we’ve linked them up with Blackpool Food Bank and they will get food supplies from the food bank themselves directly. However, we will continue to keep up our links with the schools.

The Athena children loved doing the baking particularly and we had a little bit left over so we’ll put together some baking kits to make things like muffins & scones including all the equipment they will need. These are going out to the children next week so that over the Easter holidays they can do some baking.

The other thing that we are working towards doing with Athena is a cookery demonstration class with some of the parents where we will have maybe four or five families. I’ll cook with the parents and then we’ll give the parents the food kits to take home for them to cook and do some experimenting. So that is ongoing with Athena. We will be doing the Christmas food bags and hampers again for both schools. With Gateway we are still investigating how we can help, possibly with school uniforms? Watch this space!

We are also considering starting a children’s club during the week at our community centre for children in the area. We will also invite children from the families that we have been working with. We will also have a supply of food available at church and this will be for anyone who comes into Open Doors or church who is in need. We never give families or people money but we will give food if they need it. We also have a list from the Food Bank of places where people can go to get meals or food. There are many places where they can get food every day of the week.

In the autumn I will be getting a team together, hopefully COVID-allowing, to prepare Christmas menu food bags. In the meantime if you’d like to bring in some tins of meats, milk, sugar, pasta or tea bags that would be wonderful. The other thing you could do is donate straight to the food bank (in the trolleys at the supermarkets).

Please speak to me if you need any more information.

Kay Walker
Children’s Ministry Team Leader