Everybody has a talent

Everybody has a talent

Hi everybody, welcome to the Kids Club! Remember you can download the PDF (Parable of the talents) with all the story and all the activity from the website or you can contact us and we’ll get it printed off for you and drop it round.


So today the story is about talents and I want to remind you that everybody has got a talent and as you go back to school, just think actually I have got something I’m good at. It might not be doing school work or it might be doing school work, but whatever it is there is something that you’re good at and I want to pray for you all because it might be a bit different going back to school, a bit strange. It’ll be great to see your friends again but you need God with you I think – we all need God with us and God helps us to be brave so that’s why the song says about God helping us to be brave.

I just want to pray for you all, those that are going back to school, some people are starting a brand new school, some are going to college and some are going to university – so it’s ALL CHANGE. Let’s pray…

Father God, thank you that you know every single one of us uniquely, you give us all talents and we’re very special to you. Thank you that you give us courage, you give us strength and you’re always with us, help us to be brave going into new situations where school is set up different and different rules because of Covid and where we’ve got different teachers who we’ve not really known or met much before. When there might be different friends to sit beside. Father will you help us. And Father I pray too for people who are starting college and university that you will bless them and be with them, help them to find their right places for all their classes, help them to find good friends and help them to learn everything that you want them to learn. Thank you that you are with us always. Amen.

Well, I hope that all goes really well this week. Have a good week!