Church In the Cafe on Waterloo Road (Wednesdays)

In September 2021 we started a new ministry in Waterloo Road. Earlier in the year, during a week of prayer walking, I noticed what great communities there were down in that area and that we needed to engage with them rather than expect them to come to us at church. I felt this would be the place to do the replacement for Healing on the Streets. Neville Walker We are so grateful to Peter from Waterloo Coffee Shop for allowing…

Prayer Group Fridays (AM)

We are a small group of people who feel led to intercede for the church, Blackpool and whatever the Lord puts on our hearts. We meet each Friday morning at the church; sometimes bringing prayer requests but mostly we seek to be led by the Holy Spirit. We have had lots of answers to our prayers. At the moment we are being led to pray for the church as we move forward. The Holy Spirit is evident at most meetings;…

Praise, Worship & Prayer Evening (With Ian Yates)

An evening of Praise, Worship & Prayer – Peace In His Presence will be held on 3rd July 6:30pm. At these events we usually have a time of praise and worship with spontaneous prayers and thanksgiving in between, from anyone who feels led. ALL WELCOME!