These are some of the courses that are being held at the Gatehouse and some that have been held in the past.

Current course: The Gatehouse Freedom Course

A call to prayer 13 November 7-8pm

The Bible Course – Completed

Member login The Bible Course NEXT COURSE: cOMING SOON! Explore the BIG story An eight-session course helping you explore the world’s bestseller. The Bible is a big and complicated book to read and for many it can be difficult to know where to start. Maybe you’ve been part of a Bible study group and want to build your confidence so you can study the Bible on your own, or maybe you need help connecting together the bits you’ve been reading. The Bible Course is a…

The Book of Philippians – Completed

This course is now completed. Please look out for announcements for upcoming courses on our website and social media. COURSE COMPLETED Eight-session series – the book of Philippians Join us as we go through this eight-session series on the book of Philippians. Jo Saxton takes us through Philippians to encourage us to follow Jesus no matter what life throws at us. Through Paul’s words and example, learn how joy and sacrifice can go hand-in-hand. Do the course from the comfort…

Freedom Course

This course gives biblical truth to help us be free from our past and deal with issues in the future. foundations for freedom in every part of your life 7-week Bible based course You will be joining other people on the course which will be interactive with a leader. Each session includes a guide, discussion and question time. Full information will be sent to you once registration is complete. You will also have access to a Guide (PDF) which will…

Alpha Online – Completed

Have you ever wondered Is there more to life than this? Why am I here? Alpha online is a course designed to give you the space and time to ask the challenging questions about life, faith and meaning. No filters, just honest discussion. To attend an Alpha Online all you have to do is sign up and then join a weekly online course all from the comfort of you own home.