Pastor’s Blog : Christmas and the New Year

Pastor’s Blog : Christmas and the New Year

I have been really blessed with the Christmas and New Year Programme this year, not so much because of the quality of contributions but more so because of the input and ownership that all sorts of different people in the Gatehouse gave to them.

Family Christmas Service

The festivities set off with the Family Christmas Service which had the setting of a tastefully decorated church. We were all excited because the programme was largely planned by girls from the Sunday School and they also did a great job presenting. The youth, led by our Pais worker Paul, had spent the previous couple of weeks producing a Christmas themed film and we appreciated the hard work of those who prepared and served the food afterwards. We were all touched by the wonderful signing to ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Away in a Manger’.

Christmas Eve saw a team of around 15 carol singers going off to entertain and share the Gospel at two local pubs. This turned out to be a real blast with a riotous time had by all, invitations to go back next year and many good conversations and Christmas Story leaflets handed out. This team took the initiative and thoroughly enjoyed themselves sharing the true meaning of Christmas where local people were gathered.

New Year’s Eve Party

The year was capped with a fantastic New Year’s Eve party. 50 to 60 people enjoyed food, games, sing-a-long and fellowship followed by a really sensitive time of worship and spot-on word of encouragement. There were plenty of people who would have been at home on their own if this party hadn’t taken place and also it is a great time for Christians to demonstrate their love for one another.  I would particularly like to mention the great job that Mick and Di did, even when it came at personal cost when they had had experienced personal loss.

All in all the church working together to fulfil its mission at a time of opportunity — great job!!

Neville Walker
Pastor – Elim Gatehouse Blackpool