Because God loves me

[1 Corinthians 13:1-8, adapted by Catherine Bladon] Because God Loves me…it pleases Him to show kindness towards me. Because God Loves me…He patiently works with my weaknesses to leadme to a place of maturity and wholeness. Because God Loves me…He takes the circumstances of my life and usesthem constructively for my growth and to develop His plans for me. Because God Loves me……He does not seek to belittle me or shame me. Because God Loves me…He is grieved when I…

Food bags update

We are preparing the children’s food bags on Monday and on Friday which will be for the half-term week. We will then be having a break for a week while we re-evaluate what we are doing, meet up with the leadership and pray about how we are going to continue. Good news is that we have been offered donations from Southport food bank so we will be able to continue with this project, which is great. We will keep everybody…

New Course

Eight-session series – the Book of PhilipPians Join us as we go through this eight-session series on the book of Philippians.  Course page

COVID update

Gatehouse Update – 18th January 2021 At the beginning of this year, we went into another lockdown to help prevent/slow down the spread of the Covid virus. This lockdown is different in some respects to previous lockdowns and the government has allowed churches to continue worship services in their buildings as long as they are conducted in a Covid-safe manner. Our General Superintendent in a communication with Elim ministers said “This is testament to the hard work on compliance of…

Food bags for children

Donations required For week of 17/01/2021 Carton of UHT milk – semi or full Tin of minced beef and onion (Aldi don’t do this but Asda, Farmfoods and possibly Tesco do) Jar of tomato pasta sauce Bag of sugar Please contact Kay if you would like us to collect from you. For financial donations, please go to Donations. Thank you. Read more about Food/Meal Bags for Children Example Recipe cards Go to Recipe Cards Food bags at Christmas 27/12/2020 On…

National Day of Prayer

Join the Elim national day of prayer on 7 January 2021 Morning prayer and communion @ 7.30am – 8.00am – Live for everyone on YouTube and Facebook Evening prayer and worship @ 7.30pm – 9.00pm – Live for everyone on YouTube and Facebook Go to Elim Prayer website

Recipes for food bags

Here are the links to the recipe cards included with the meal bags for our Meal Bags for Children project. They will open as PDF files which you can download. Recipe cards 1 Recipe cards 2

2021 New Year Message

Elim’s General Superintendent Chris Cartwright shares a New Year message to our Elim family at the start of 2021.

Christmas Services

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding our Christmas services and special events over the next few weeks at the church. These services will also be livestreamed on our social media channel.

Christmas jumper greetings

Sadly this year we cannot exchange Christmas cards in Church. But we can still greet each other, this is how. Grab your Christmas jumpers or hats then write a greeting, take a photo or video and send it to . If you are feeling shy just send the greeting. They will all be collated and played on screen during some of the Christmas season services. If you need help taking the photo let us know. Here are a few…