Peace In His Presence!

An evening of Praise, Worship & Prayer – Peace In His Presence will be held on 3rd July 6:30pm. At these events we usually have a time of praise and worship with prayer and thanksgiving in between, from anyone who feels led. ALL WELCOME!

Finance Report [Vision meeting]

Liz Hall (Finance Officer) | 8.02.2022 Finances is not just about figures and spreadsheets, rather, the finances of a Church are one of the keys to growth and reaching the lost. Unfortunately, the short story is that over the last year our finances have been the focus of much prayer.  That is simply because a number of months we have wondered if we were going to be able meet our needs.   Most months we have about £1,000.00 shortfall between income…

Children’s Report [Vision meeting]

Kay Walker (Children’s Report) | 9.02.2022 From February to June 2021 we continued with giving the children activities to do in the service.  We had been putting a link on the website for families at home to download activities but stopped doing this after a few months as it was no longer being used. In person Sunday school resumed in July.  It has been lovely to be able to have space to run around, make a noise, have fun, learn…

Youth Report [Vision Meeting]

Emma Gaze (Youth Report) | 9.02.2022 In September 2020 I started working with Gatehouse Church to develop their youth work. In the youth at the time were 4 young people – Lucy, Peter, Maki and Jeri. The team consisted of Paula, Lewis, Tily and Daniel. We were hoping to start an in person youth club quite soon on, and so we did some Sunday afternoon gatherings to get to know the team and invite friends. Lucy invited two of her…

Food Bags Report [Vision Meeting]

Since Dec 2021 we have delivered a total of approximately 80 medium sized and 30 large sized food parcels to families in need via Educational Diversity Schools in Blackpool. The Christmas week one included everything that was needed for Christmas dinner (including napkins, crackers and tablecloths). The weekly parcels included ingredients for two family evening meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, treats/biscuits and some essentials such as wash up liquid, tea bags, milk and so on. We have received around £360…

Vision Meeting & Report

Our annual Vision meeting was held on Tuesday, 9th February 2022. A report was made available for those who attended. Here is a download version for those who couldn’t make it. We will also be posting a video recording as soon as this is available. Vision Report – Download

Bible Study – Hebrews

We’re starting our 8 week online and in person Bible study on Hebrews tonight (18/02). It’s not too late to register – message us and we’ll get the details through to you. Or email – .

Vision Meeting

We will be having our annual General Meeting on 8th February at 7pm with departmental reports, what the vision is for the future and a review of 2021. Also a look at what is happening, moving forwards. ALL WELCOME.