Building Re-opening

Building Re-opening

Important info as we open the Gatehouse for our first meetings.


So we have a big weekend coming as we are taking our first steps into opening the church up after the months that we have not been able to hold church services. You should be aware that this Sunday, August 2nd at 2pm we are going to be showing the online service for those who want to see it together and then on Wednesday, 5 August at 7pm we are having a pilot small group where we are going to focus on looking at the whole area of discipleship and how we can grow in Christ.

First thing I want to say with all of this is that we are going to carry on with our online services as we have been doing and a big part of all of this is safety. We have the church ready and in a minute I will show you a little walk through of what we have done to make sure that people are as safe as possible. However, I would say that if you don’t feel comfortable coming to the church building where there is going to be other people around, please don’t come. We don’t want you to be in an environment where you don’t feel safe. And likewise if your doctor would tell you don’t come, then please don’t come. Again, you can access our online services.

However, I know there will be a number of you who will be keen to meet up and we want to do our best for people to have fellowship in a safe way and meet God together and to that end we have prepared the building and got things ready and ask that you stick with the social distancing measures and do your best to keep yourself safe and others too.

Going to show you this short walkthrough now and if you have any questions about it please contact me by email or Facebook or phone call and let’s see where all of this takes us. It will be great to be together.

When we arrive there will be a steward at the door, but the door will be open already and they will direct you to the sanitising station on your left where we will ask you to give your hands a clean and put the paper in the bin, and if you need a mask there are some masks there. We are advising people to wear masks unless they can’t. Also to point you towards the toilet direction, there are toilets on either side and there will be a sign on them which you can just flip over when you’re in so that people know that the toilet’s in use so that you don’t have to approach the toilet to see if someone is in. When you are finished make sure that you wash your hands and also clean all the surfaces that you’ve touched with the wipes that have been provided. There is a sign to show you. When you are finished you can put your wipe in the bin down here.[wastebin].

When you come into the church there will be someone on the left who will take your name and phone number so that we know who has been in the meetings. At that time you will be able to pick up your communion cup, we are not having teas and coffees, but if you need a drink there will be water available.

Moving on into the church we see that there are some arrows, just to remind us it’s a one way system we are coming this way and we are exiting out that way at the end of the service. So when you come in we will try and get people to fill up from the front and if you are coming on your own then if you could fill up the single seats first. All the time we are just doing our best to make it a safe environment to encourage you to come to seek God but also to keep safe and socially distanced. If you need to go out to the toilet during the service we are going to go back out through the same way but we have got these signs up here (Give way) to remind you to give way to anyone who is coming in.

Finally, after our service which we expect to last no more than an hour or less, on your way out head towards the door (front of church left hand side). You will see that we’ve got a table here where there is an offering basket and so if you have brought offerings you can put that in there. But we would still really encourage you to give the way you have been giving electronically online etc. but there’s an offering basket there for you to put in. And then a final sanitising station if you want to sanitise your hands before you leave. Then we head on out through this door (left hand side front of church) and out through the side of the church.

I hope that is all clear and looking forward to those who are able to come on Sunday and Wednesday. Just to say that start time on Sunday is 2pm. It would be good if you could arrive 15 minutes early so that we can get people in with this new system that we are having to deal with. Look forward to seeing you.

Pastor Neville Walker
Gatehouse Blackpool