Paul Mielke: Farewell

Paul Mielke: Farewell

It’s been over six months since I came to Blackpool last September. What can I say, the time really seems to have flown by so fast and I can’t believe it’s actually only four months to go until I go back to Germany.

So far I feel as though I have come to know so many at the Gatehouse. One advantage of being in a small church is that you can get to know every person which I have really enjoyed!

In terms of my role in the church, I have been able to invest in the music team a lot. We are having a great time practising and worshipping together and it also very recently grew in number, which is amazing!

In terms of the youth, we’ve been able to set up weekly youth activities. This means we are doing a different fun activity such as gaming nights, campfires or going to the cinema together. These activities are going well and I’ve been able to build stronger relationships with the young people from our church.

Also, we are watching the Youth Alpha series each Sunday morning, which has helped us spark a conversation about the basics of the Christian faith with other young people.

Thank you for reading and be blessed!

Paul Mielke
Pais Youth Worker

The Pais Movement is a global non-denominational organisation that creates partnerships between schools, community projects, businesses and churches. They provide full-time Pais apprentices for youth ministry usually for a one year period.