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You are invited! Join us on Sundays @ 10.30 am at the church in Waterloo Road. It’ll be good to have you join us. If you can’t make it to in-person services then you can watch online. We also have in-person or online events happening during the week that you may want to get involved in.

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Prayer in the Cafe

A team from the Gatehouse meets in the Waterloo Coffee Shop every Wednesday afternoon. Each week they have been praying for various people and seen great answers to prayer. If you would like to join the team feel free to come along at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon to Waterloo Coffee Shop where you’ll get a warmwelcome.Please also pray for this outreach in your private prayers.

Visiting Speaker – Adam Lee

We look forward to welcoming our visiting speaker Adam Lee on Sunday, 14th August. Join us at the Gatehouse Church Blackpool in Waterloo Road from 10.30am. Adam is Pastor of Clevelys Community Church here in Blackpool.

I'm New Here

Welcome! It’s great to have you visit our website. Our Sunday services are in person at the church or livestreamed online if you want to watch on your device.

Encounter With the Word of God

What do we mean when we refer to the Word of God? What are the divine attributes of the Word of God? What are the blessings inherent in encountering the Word of God?

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You can have real, lasting peace today through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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New Sermons

God’s Plan for the Next Generation

Brother Anozie talks about how God has a plan for every human being. He has given rights to the unborn. From the scriptures we can see that God has a plan for everyone, from the unborn baby, for the toddler, for the young child growing up, for the school child, for the university undergraduate, for the newly married, for the middle aged, for the senior citizens, for those who are close to the end of their lives. The Gospel is…