Sermons on Fruitfulness

Sermons on Fruitfulness

I am the Vine – the Word

In order to bear much fruit we must abide in Jesus. Part of this is letting His words richly be part of our lives. If we let this happen, we will see our prayers being increasingly effective.

I am the Vine – Abiding in Love

The final key to ‘abiding in Jesus’ is remaining in His love. By doing this we will bear much fruit. We focus on 1 John chapters 3 and 4 and review the nature of real love and how to live it out.

I am the Vine

In this short sermon we are encouraged to deny ourselves and make decisions for Jesus in order to bear fruit for God.

A Friend in God

Ecclesiastes 4 has some wonderful verses about friendship. We are not made to be on our own and here we see great value and reward from the friendships and relationships we cultivate.